Investment in 1st Class Dental Clinic

With over 25 years experience in the dental sector. Our next project is to buy or open several small practices in the Croatia and move them into one larger practice in order to provide patients access to the additional services that make up our 'total wellness' approach to dentistry.

Idea its to become the largest private dental group in Central Europe for the private and cosmetic dental sectors. Our project report also maintains that will grow by over 10% a year over the next five years with 18% return pro year.

Investors' Returns from three different types of assets

  • Current Assets: On-going revenues from acquired and already profitable practices
  • Start-up Assets: Start Up assets can generate excellent returns
  • This asset class will account for around 10% of the overall asset allocation
  • Property Assets: In each location we acquire a property asset
  • Management team with record of success
  • Location: Croatia (EU member)
  • City: Zagreb
  • Target Population: USA, UK, Italian, Austrian, German, Sweden, Finland, Danmark and Domestic - Croatian.
  • Investment: 12.800.000 € - based on 10 workplace - six (6) dental workplace, two (2) cosmetic dentistry workplace and two (2) medical estetic workplace for botox and dermal filer. 
  • Min.investment 256.000 € for 2% Ownership.
  • Max. Investment  6.144.000 € for 48% Ownership.
  • Income: Up To 18% return pro year.
  • Project number: 40480
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